Wednesday, December 23, 2009

written: 1-27-09

I often find myself wishing that my family from the past (my ancestors, basically) would have left behind journals, pictures, letters or anything that I could discover.

I have over five journals dating from seventh grade to the present. I've had a (well, numerous ones)livejournal for the last five years, and have posted at least a thousand entries of me pouring my heart out. One thing that bothers me, however, is the barrier between my thoughts and the computer screen. Writing is natural. There is no space between your mind and the page. With a computer on the other hand, its like there's a filter between the thoughts in your head and what comes out onto the screen. I'm not sure if that even makes any sense. Whatever.

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, right? Well in my belief, neither can words or thoughts. My words are the only things that I truly own, the same goes for you and yours. When we ~think~ of something, our thoughts become energy. This energy joins one big pool of consciousness and minds. Like when scientists make a discovery and soon after many other scientists end up discovering the same thing. The discovery, the thought, created an energy that leaked into the collective consciousness and other people tapped into that.

When we die, do our thoughts die with us? Or do they remain in the "thought pool" for eternity. Say there was no written record of, for example, Plato's thoughts. Would the energy those thoughts gave off in the past still exist in the present or would they have needed to be ~re thought~ by someone else.

I dont really know what I'm saying, this is just a ramble I guess. But all I know is, I do not want my thoughts to lie in the grave with me. So here and now, I pass them onto you. Do with them what you will.

But, really, who am I to believe that my thoughts or my words or anything about me should live on after I die? I don't KNOW anything. All I have are some simple beliefs, thoughts and ideas.

Tis all.

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  1. i like this, and I agree that handwritten things are always better. it feels good to write them down for real. to feel your hand making all the lines and loops that in turn make up ideas for other to read, or for you to simply pass and hide at the bottom of a drawer. its real. like analog photography. :-) i too wish i had more things from my ancestry. although once, my family found an old photo of my great-great-great? grandmothers sister or something like that, and it looked almost exactly like my mom. weiiird!