Thursday, May 7, 2009

Written for a class in HS


“Finally, I’m eighteen.” I thought. Today marked my independence, no longer would I legally have a guardian to keep me caged in, no more oppression. Finally, Freedom! The very next day, November 8th, 2007, I would embark on my first journey without an adult supervisor. My first real step as an “adult.”
I stood in front of my messy, twin sized bed. Unfolded clothes completely covering the surface. I thought, “What do you wear in college?” “How can I make my self seem more “collegic” and less “I’m-so-excited-to-be-at-a-real-college-when-I-should-be-back-at-PMHS.”” I realized that nothing I owned could possibly make me look any older than sixteen. So I packed up my hoodies and Bob Marley T’s and went on my way. When we arrived at the airport, it hit me. “I’m going all the way across the country…ON MY OWN!” I noticed that Kelsey’s face was filled with just as much excitement as mine was. We looked each other straight in the eyes, we knew… this was it. A defining moment in our youth. We both laughed and gave each other full-tooth grins. Our first step into the real world.
We went to check in at the security gate and I realized…”Wow, I don’t even have an ID.” I showed the woman my school ID and birth certificate, hoping that it would be enough to get me onto that plane and out of this state without a hassle. It wasn’t enough. They took me into a separate area away from the rest of the airport population, a small glass “room.” Every person in the waiting area was staring at me as I got frisked and patted down like I was some sort of terrorist. I almost started to feel like one. I laughed at the awkward situation. The woman in the fancy security suit looked at me with a very stern expression of disapproval. Eventually, I was released with a friendly reminder to bring an ID next time.
Kelsey and I waited for about an hour for the plane to arrive. As passengers began to board the plane, the rush of excitement surged through my body. I sat in my cramped window seat and stared at the ground outside. I thought about all of the possible catastrophic things that could occur upon lift off. Things such as a bomb going off… or just crashing straight back into the ground once we take off. Neither of those things happened, obviously. I gripped my seat tightly and nervously, I closed my eyes. The plane took off into the bright blue sky. “Freedom.” I thought.

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