Friday, November 12, 2010

A Winter Walk


We walk farther into the forest,
your cold hands touching the bare skin on my wrist.
I didn't ask you to join me but you came along
in that same proud way you always do.

Snow covers the forest floor, hiding all of the life that once
existed in this place. 

I look at you,
and again.

You gaze over at me and admire my pink flesh,
my sad gray eyes, and
the freckles you had never noticed before that day.

We walk farther still,
into the depths of snow and pine,
silence and ice
you whisper to me,
"I want to show you something, let me cover your eyes".

So I let you.
"Just a little farther now..."
Trustingly,  I walk blindly forward.

"Its here." 

Before us is the most curious tree, baring an array of red leaves
and offering only one lone fruit.
Standing side by side for a moment, we watch the harsh winds tear leaves from the tree;
leaving the ground covered in a blanket of crimson. 
You hold my hand.

We pick the fruit from the tangled limbs,
then lay, sleepily, in the snow.

"Its falling harder now" I whisper
as you take the first bite.
red juice spilling from your mouth and onto the 
frosty snow.

you look at me for a moment
and i glance timidly back at you
"it tastes sweet" you say.
I nod my head.

We position ourselves as if we were making snow angels,
hands touching hands, feet touching feet
our eyes slowly close,
then our mouths.

I peeked at you, again
just one last time,
though I could barely see you
beneath the snow that began to cover our
small bodies like a winter blanket.

I never loved you so much as I did that day.
And how badly I wish I would have told you.

An owl hovers above us
as we forget to breathe;
falling asleep beneath
the crimson tree.

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