Thursday, November 5, 2009

that party last night was awfully crazy~

Sometimes I regret coming to Green Mountain. I see pictures and hear stories of my friends from home going out and spending time in the city, going to huge parties with lots of beautiful people, going shopping, going out to dinner at fancy restaraunts, and out to the clubs at night. I'll admit that part of me is jealous of that lifestyle. I could go for some nightlife! Sometimes I like to get dressed up and go out! I like wearing heels and cute dresses. I love fashion! Why can't I experience this aspect of college life? Should I? Should I even care?
I really don't know what's appealing about frat parties, cheap beer and snobby, fake tanned state-school girls: but something is. There is some allure in this lifestyle that I can never be a part of.

Every time I think about leaving Green Mountain, I have to remind myself of all of the reasons that I love it here. The people are wonderful, insane, different. We're all outsiders in some aspect. We came here because we don't feel like everyone else. We find importance in things that most other young people do not. That's why I came here, at least. I love the warm nights at the river and the unforgettable walks (stumbles) back, I love our small but beautiful campus, and believe it or not... I love the food! We're surrounded by the mountains-- we're enveloped by the leaves, the foliage, the dirt, the snow. The air is fresh and crisp, the students are kind and eclectic. This world is amazing, this beautiful life is more than I could ever ask for and I'm so happy to be here. This is my story, at this green place.

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  1. glad to hear you dont hate your life anymore.
    love youuu