Sunday, July 19, 2009

badbad free man

We are worth so much more than money
we are worth so much more than gold
This reality means nothing
until you have stepped foot in the cold

He dipped his feet in the water
he decided, feeling bold;
"I'll live up to the dream
of my father.
I will give it all up
and I'll never grow old."

The sun beamed against the river
leaving it looking like glass,
while the most gentle breeze,
softly did pass.

He spoke to himself in this mirror,
he needed no more help.
"I want to feel with the sky and the grass."
Coins were pulled from his pocket-
this means more than any class;
he threw them into the river
and is leaving the past in the past.

Before he submerged himself in the water,
swiftly he revealed an old map.
"No border or boundary can stop me.
This is more like a trap,
to try and restrict my soul from moving-
how human is that?"

He stepped deeper into the water,
picks up two handful's of wet sand-
and as it runs through his hands
with a sorry sigh, and a tear in his eye
finally, we have found truth.

And there he lay still to this day,
in the river beneath the rocks-
or so they say.
You can still hear the sound of his voice some days,
floating with the breeze.

He says:
We are worth far more than money,
we are worth far more than that.
Once your heart finds itself open-
you must leave the past in the past.

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